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 Welcome To the new FiveFlags (Beta) 

It's Coming...

Not So Average Joe is NOW PLAYING!

We are are finaly going to add a web series called Not so Average Joe! Our 2D (sometime 3D) stick animation. Did you know that you make a good cartoon with at lot of pictures on a computer.

You must Download the plugin to watch this video.

Welcome to Fiveflags Beta! This website is still beta, it will be updated soon. Jut like,, do not put your address,even when it asks you to DO NOT PUT IT! When it asks you to skip it ok?

You will also find all of our videos and music too.

RecentUpdates,you can now POP!your ideas, thoughts and comments on our Board!

We will soon be updating Fiveflags to enhance your experience here, plus we are working on a team to help design and bring new ideas into the currrent two man duo