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     Its finally come, the day Fiveflags is released. Fiveflags is a fork of the Minetest platform, some code and many textures were edited to fit the game. It contains many features created by the community, some edited.

Version 0.1-

      This is the current version of Fiveflags. It is based on Minetest 0.4.8. Credits to the community made modifications are within the games folder and in each folder. This is a PUBLIC BETA, meaning a lot of features are missing, including music, mobs and some textures. This version is here to test how the public reacts to this.

Download Here:

Version 0.2

         This is the current version of Fiveflags, install it to your Minetest "Games folder"

It is strongly suggested you read the tutorial in the forums to properly install. VERY special thanks to EpicTNTArrow and Blockmen for textures and the 3rd Person Minetest patch, each respectively.

Download here: